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The organizational and operational rules of Egressy Béni Library

3rd appendix of the organizational and operational rules of Egressy Béni Library

Egressy Béni Library Use Policy

  1. Conditions

Our services are available for all who accept and observe the Library’s Use Policy. Present/This document includes the services the users are entitled to use, the way of using the materials and the fees.

2.1 Everyone is entitled to use the following services free of charge:

- Enter the library

- Use the materials on the spot

- Use the library’s assets

- Request information on the library, the library system and the services

The library may register the data of those who use the library’s free services. The registration is free of charge.

2.1. The registration fee is requested if the member wishes to use the following services:

-          Loan/Check out books and other materials

-          Request a hold on library materials

-          Renew the loan

The members need to present- according to the governing rule- the following personal data and verify them with an identity card or a passport:

Name, mother’s name, place and date of birth, address and identity card number or passport number

The member should report changes in the data provided.

If possible we also ask our readers to state their profession and the name of their workplace or if they are students the name of their school and its’ address, but providing this data is not obligatory.

Hungarians under the effect of the LXXLL. Law (2001) living in the neighbouring states may use the library’s services with the same conditions as Hungarian citizens.

Foreign national member needs to present the right of abode and a passport.  Foreign national without a temporary permission to stay can only become a member if a Hungarian citizen over 18 years old bails for the membership.

The library collects a registration fee for the services mentioned at 2.2.  The maintainer of the library adjudicates the amount of the registration fee every December for the next year; the resolution can be found in the Library Use Policy’s appendix.

The members who payed the registration fee, can check books out.

Readers under the age of 16 or above 70 don’t need to pay the registration fee. Pensioners under 70 years old, disability pensioners, pedagogues, public servants and day school students receive a 50% discount from the full price.

The library loans/lends its’ special collection that consists of DVDs, ACDs, video cassettes and Bakelite discs for a higher price. The price is determined by the maintainer.

The library is obliged to give a receipt about the payed registration fee.

Once in a year, following the national trends, (as a?) part of the Spring Library Days during the Book Sunday program it is free to register. Those who register that day will have a valid membership until 31st December.

2.2. Documents, broadsheets used for registration

-          Entry Statement: It contains the users’ personal data and the members need to sign it therefore they accept the Library’s Use Policy. The data are positioned to the TextLib integrated library software and to the program for receipt giving. The library can only use these data for relationship management and execution process of debit.

-          Membership card: It contains the users’ personal identity code and name. To use the library’s services (especially checking-out books and renewing the loan) a membership card needs to be presented every time.

The membership card is not transferable; only its’ owner could use it. Family members may use each other’s card, but the family bond should be identified by identity and address cards.

The member should keep the card in good condition. Members will be liable to pay costs incurred by loss; the amount of the compensation is regulated by the maintainer.

-          Guarantor’s Statement: After the users (mainly people under 16 years old) without a sufficient income, the guarantor takes responsibility by singing the Guarantor’s Statement. Primary school students may only register under parental surveillance; after that they are free to attend the library independently.

2.4. Processing personal data

The provided personal data can only be used for statistics and analysis. The data cannot be publicized or given to a third party, except for the demand of compensation through litigation.

The library is obliged to keep the personal data accessible for only the library workers.

2.5. Claim

The members may turn to the librarian or the director of the library with their complaints.

2.6. Using the materials on spot

The members may use all the materials without a restriction from the free-for-all shelves. The locked-up materials could only be used with the permission and supervision of a librarian. (e.g..: DVD)

While using or checking out the materials, the member should keep them clean and intact.

If a member was caught with dilapidation, the librarian could suspend the membership and claim the damage to be paid.

The Local History Collection could only be used on spot.

The books and magazines situated in the library’s reading room could not be checked out.

The member may file for checking these materials out from the director of the library through a prescribed form.

2.7. Checking out materials and renew the loan

The library may lend the materials for the prescribed members.  The members can check out the maximum of six books, maximum 3 DVDs, maximum 3 videocassettes, maximum 3 ACDs and maximum 3 Bakelite discs at a time. The rental time for books is 3 weeks (21 days), for the other material types is 3 days. If

there is no waiting list for a book the reader may renew the loan for another 3 weeks without bringing the book back to the library. For the second prolongation (another 3 weeks) the member should present the material to the librarian.

The other materials’ loan could be renewed as well for another three days; the same rules apply as in case of the books.

The members can request a hold on a book or renew the loan through the library’s online catalogue with their own identity code and password. The member must pay the reservation fee when checking out the requested book.

2.8. Procedures for overdue loans

14 days after the rental time expires the library sends a notice. The member must pay the postage and administrative expenses of the notice and after each book refund the daily fine of the overdue loan. The fine is defined by the maintainer for the next year in every December.

2.9. Request a hold on items

The member may request a hold on an item that is currently on loan. During the reservation the librarian must inform the member, that the library will send a pick-up request via phone or mail; the expense derived from the request should be payed by the member. The price of the reservation is defined by the maintainer.

2.10.                      Borrowing an item

Interlibrary loan is possible if the library doesn’t have the current item the user is looking for and the member is willing to pay for the posting expenses (stamp, pack and mail services)

Terms and conditions for items obtained through interlibrary loan are set by the lending library and the user is liable for observing them.

Our library also acts like a lending library given there is a minimum of two copies of a document.

2.11.                      Internet and Computer Use Policy

Our library offers access to internet resources. The fee is defined by the maintainer in every December. Internet could be used without a registration.

  1. Other rules

The cloakroom is obligatory and free of charge. Coats and bags could only be brought in with the librarian’s permit and for a convincible reason.

Please consider others, mute your cell phones and try to avoid calls in the library.

You need the librarian’s permission to bring your own documents to the library.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in a temporary withdrawal of a person’s permission to use the library’s services.

Consuming food or beverages is not authorized.

For the comfort and the safety of members and staff it is not allowed to attend the library without proper clothing or with having offensive body odour or personal hygiene therefore unreasonably interfere with others’ ability to use the facilities.

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